Neues Buch: Coaching mit der Empowerment Dynamic


Seit Kurzem ist das Dritte Buch der 3VQ / TED*-Reihe in Deutschland erhältlich.

Who do you want to be on the way to what you want? – Coaching with the Empowerment Dynamic.

Im Buch folgen wir einer Beraterin bzw. einem Coach, die eine Geschäftsführerin eines großen Mittelständlers im Coaching vom Drama zum Empowerment begleitet.

Das Buch zeigt auf eindrucksvolle, anwendbare und unterhaltsame Art,

  • wie Führungskräfte vom Drama zur Selbstwirksamkeit kommen können
  • wie Coaches ihre Clienten auf diesem Weg begleiten können
Als Einstieg in die Methode empfehlen wir weiterhin das Buch „3 Vital Questions“ – auch als sehr unterhaltsames Audiobook verfügbar. Aber für Coaches, Personalentwickler, Berater und Trainer ist dieses dritte Buch eine willkommene Ergänzung, da die Journey eines Coachees genauso detailliert beleuchtet wird wie die Rolle und die eigene Journey des Coaches.

„This book brings to life the coaching process so you can integrate its methods into your own conversations. As enjoyable as it is enlightening!“ Dr. Marcia Reynolds, author of Coach the Person Not the Problem, author of Outsmart Your Brain

„As a coach, I loved Donna’s book! It was so powerful to read the main character’s mental dialogue as she listened to her thoughts and coached herself. This is the trifecta/hat trick in the The Empowerment Dynamic series! I’ve consumed everything TED* for over ten years and this was extremely additive! I highly recommend it for everyone!“ —Barry Rellaford, Co-founder, FranklinCovey Trust Practice and co-author, A Slice of Trust

„Donna understands the experience of those who coach because she is a master coach. Add to that understanding her honesty and vulnerability, and you get some really cool tools to go beyond the Drama Triangle.-Jim Dethmer, Author of The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership

„Donna Zajonc has given us a lucid articulation of psychological dynamics that affects us all. This book will help readers navigate the human world with much more skill, confidence, and wisdom.“ Martha Beck, PhD author of Finding Your Own North Star, author of The Way of Integrity

„Donna Zajonc’s beautifully written book is a roadmap to living with an empowered mindset. I truly hope it finds it’s way into the hands of coaches, therapists, and physicians, as well as anyone interested in changing their mind for good.“ Carolyn Piver Dukarm, M.D., Author of Pieces of a Puzzle: The Link between Eating Disorders and ADD

„For a good 10 years, the Empowerment Dynamic has had a fundamental influence not only on my own personal development, but for many of my colleagues as well. Donna’s book helps leaders to continue that journey within a coaching mindset that will allow the concepts to be shared even more broadly throughout the world.“ Chris Nagel, Executive Director, Mandel Global Leadership & Learning Institute at Cleveland Clinic

„For anyone wanting to enhance their coaching, leveraging The Empowerment Dynamic as an antidote to our inner critic is a vital tool for improving our coaching mindset and presence. Donna Zajonc masterfully brings us along on the journey of a coach doing this essential inner work. Every coach will learn from this book!“ —Petra Platzer PhD, NBC-HWC, PCC; Director, Health & Wellness Coaching Program, Georgetown University and Founder & COO, SixSEED Partners

„Over the years, bringing TED* (*The Empowerment Dynamic)(R) to practitioners and trainers, I have seen no one do this work more earnestly than Donna Zajonc. The depth of her experience springs to life in this marvelous story whose characters are strong Creators doing their inner work in order to be of service in the outer world.“ David Emerald, Author of The Power of TED (*The Empowerment Dynamic) and 3 Vital Questions: Transforming Workplace Drama

Donna Zajonc, MCC, is Director of Coaching for the Center for The Empowerment Dynamic. She is passionate about teaching and facilitating coaching courses based upon TED* (The Empowerment Dynamic). A Master Certified Coach since 2013, Donna received the Washington State excellence in coaching award in 2017. Donna’s love of community and leadership led her to public service early in her career. During that time, she served three terms in the Oregon legislature and was her party’s nominee for Secretary of state. After leaving politics, she was owner and CEO of a multi-store food retail company in Portland, Oregon. Deeply curious about the inner landscape of the human mind, Donna fully embraced professional coaching in 2001, later joining her partner, David Emerald, in their 3 Vital Questions and The Empowerment Dynamic leadership education, coaching and facilitation. She lives in the Pacific Northwest region of the US, where she enjoys daily beach walks, good books, sampling dark chocolate and robust microbrews, and hanging out with her children and grandchildren.

Über den Autor

Holger Heinze ist zertifizierter 3VQ/TED* – Trainer und Coach, ausgebildeter Holacracy Coach, Chartered Manager und Fellow des Chartered Management Institute. Seit 1999 arbeitet er mit Teams und Führungskräften an Kultur, Beziehungen, Geschäftsmodellen und Prozessen.

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